What We Believe

Statement of Faith

We believe that spirituality is the most important aspect of the life experience. It is the principle experience that runs through everything in existence. The essence of who we are.

We believe that God (Spirit, Beloved, All, the Universe, etc) is EVERYTHING. God is the creative force. It is a part of everything  including us. There is no separation between us and God. Duality is false belief. 

Religion is the human attempt at understanding and connecting to God. It is expressed in many forms and ways, and we believe that each expression is valid and bears merit for understanding and acceptance.

While we value religions purpose and the many expressions, we believe everything we need to connect with God is already present within us. We are WHOLE, PERFECT, and COMPLETE. Religion is used for community and communal worship. 

We find inspiration from God in many places, people, sacred text, meditation, prayer, self reflection, Nature, etc.

We believe that the highest expression of God is LOVE. Demonstrations of LOVE is seen in as a 3-fold experience. LOVE for God, LOVE fore Others, and LOVE for oneself. 



1. God is Omnipresence operating in an around everything and everyone.

2. Humans are inherently DIVINE and of Spirit origin. 

3. Humans have an ability to connect to GOD through, prayer, meditation, and stillness. 

4. Humans can manifest  that which we sub consciously and  consciously focus on.  This is the co-creation we have with God.  

*While the FOUNDATION of Live4U Ministries are the teachings of Jesus as Christ and the Bible, these principles  are found in ALL religions and spiritual teachings and we value and honor ALL sacred traditions, texts, and customs.