Our Spiritual Leader

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Smith Ph.D

Innovator, Creative, and Revolutionary, these are just a few of the words to describe our extraordinary Senior Minister. However, it is a life of many experiences that helped him to come to be the great leader of the future.

Born and raised in rural South Central Louisiana, Rev. Larry imagined a world beyond his environment. Growing up in a deeply religious household from Roman Catholicism to Jehovah's Witness, but surrounded by the paradox of mental, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, negativity, and instability, he was left with many questions about the love and even the existence of God. In the solace of books, writing, and music, Rev. Larry found an escape that would late become instrumental to his quest for spirituality.

By the end of the 20th Century Rev. Larry in college at Columbus State University in Columbus Georgia, began to question his faith and eventually would give up ALL religion for almost 8 years. Despite his detachment from religion, his inner spirit nagged him to go into ministry, and he ignored it. However, the nagging never gave up. He now knows it was Spirit trying to nudge him in the direction of his destiny. 

In 2006 Rev. Larry was yearning for God. This was the moment he wrestled with his soul. Jogging on a football field one night, his Soul won, and he has an out of body cosmic experience. One that he cannot explain other than he FINALLY experienced God. It is from that point he started listening to Spirit. The very next day watching an episode of Oprah, Rev. Larry was introduced to the Secret. It was an episode with Rev. Michael Beckwith of Agape International. He was sold on the path he must go, and he wanted to know more about this "Law of Attraction." So he immediately bought the movie "The Secret" and watched it every week for 6 months. He began to read every book he could find about New Thought.

As Rev. Larry was going through his spiritual wilderness, he was getting multiple degrees. He was pursuing degrees in Modern Culture, History, and was pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education Leadership when he realized Spirit was leading his to be another type of Higher Education leader, a minister. He was back where he started. So, he let got that pursuit and embarked on his Spiritual/Theological education. He joined Unity North Atlanta in 2010, where he became a Prayer Chaplain, and he enrolled in the University of Metaphysics/Sedona. He became and licensed metaphysical minister and obtained a PhD in Comparative Religion.

In 2016 he founded Live4U Ministries, in the intent of sharing what he continues to study intensely. According to Rev Larry, he is just sharing something that has worked for him, but he inspires people to find their path and share it if it works. His goal is to teach ALL of our divinity and bring us together is LOVE.    

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Live4U Ministries is an online based  ministry. We believe that the church is the four corner of our mind an bodies. While we support joining and building a spiritual community, we know that this originates within.

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